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Single: Chase Spencer- Whiskey

Chase Spencer has released his latest single 'Whiskey' available for digital download and streaming on Google Play, CDBaby and YouTube. To download/stream Chase Spencer's single...

Album: Maureen Washington- Harvest Moon

Maureen Washington has released a new 13-song album 'Harvest Moon' available for digital download on iTunes and CDBaby To download Maureen Washington's 'Harvest Moon' album,...

Album: The Imperfections- Space Trails

The Imperfections have released a 7-song album (14 tracks including instrumental versions) 'Space Trails' available for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and CDBaby. To purchase The...

Album: Karly Summers- Karly Summers

Karly Summers has released her debut self-titled album available for purchase on iTunes and CDBaby or to stream on Soundcloud. To purchase Karly Summers' album...

Album: Danton Jay & Heather Lynn- Decades After Paris

Danton Jay & Heather Lynn have released a climate change themed album 'Decades After Paris' available on iTunes and CDBaby. To purchase the 'Decades After...