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EP: Cartoon Lizard- Not Punk Not Raw

Victoria's Cartoon Lizard have released their debut six-song EP 'Not Punk Not Raw' available for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp. To download/stream Cartoon Lizard's...

Album: Everybody Left- Season Two

Everybody Left have released their new 11-song album 'Season Two' available for digital download at 'name your own price' and for pre-order on...

Album: Painted Fruits- Fruit Salad

Painted Fruits have released a 10 song album 'Fruit Salad' available on cassette, CD and digital download on Bandcamp. The album is also available...

Album: Fountain- Fountain 2

Fountain have released their sophomore album 'Fountain 2' available for digital download on Bandcamp. The band also have physical copies on cassette. To download Fountain's...