There has been a lineup shake-up with Victoria’s Current Swell. Ghosty Boy, Current Swell’s bassist since 2009, officially announced in a post on his Facebook Page November 23rd that he is no longer part of the band. Ghosty Boy also shared a lyric video for a single from his new music project Strike Thirteen.

In his Facebook post, Ghosty Boy states, “Hey everyone, in case you haven’t heard I am officially DONE with Current Swell. RADIO FRIENDLY SURF ROCK GHOSTY™ was getting on my fuckin nerves so I held his head underwater until he died. SO Here’s a brand spankin new rebel jam for all you freaky fuckers. Let the revolution commence!”

Jon and Roy bassist and original Current Swell bass player Louis Sadava has rejoined the band. He was on stage at Current Swell’s two sold out shows at Capital Ballroom December first and second and, according to an October article in the Ottawa Citzen, has been back with the band since their European tour in September. In the article Current Swell’s Scott Stanton says that Ghosty Boy left “for his own reasons” and that Sadava’s return is “like the family is back together. It’s like breathing new life into the project.”

Ghosty Boy’s last Victoria show with Current Swell was the band’s headlining set at the 2017 Phillips Backyard Weekender in July.