News: Rocktographers Showcase Takes Hiatus


In post made on their website November 22nd, organizers of the annual YYJ Rocktographers Showcase announced that the annual concert photography gallery showcase will take a hiatus in 2018.

In the post they state, “At present, without prep adequate time and resources available to our team, we felt that it would be a disservice to not properly celebrate the local photographers that helped built the Rocktographers showcase over the past five years.”

The first YYJ Rocktographers Showcase took place in January of 2014 at the former Vic42 Studios and featured 25 local concert photographers. The event over the years has also showcased performances by local bands and musicians including The Carlines, Hawk and Steel, Robbie Aylesworth, Honey Rose, Noah Edwards, Mike Edel, Jeff K, Gold & Shadow, Stinging Belle, AZTEC, San Felix, Kirsten Ludwig, Wise Child and DJ Boitano.

The Rocktographers Showcase joins a number of local music events that have announced hiatuses this in 2017.

To read Rocktographers full statement, CLICK HERE.