Music Video: Peach Pyramid- Repeating Myself


Victoria’s Peach Pyramid has released a music video for her single ‘Repeating Myself’. The video is all footage from 1949.

In an article on StereoGum, Peach Pyramid’s Jen Svertson explains the video: “Repeating Myself” is a song that emphasizes the feeling of voicelessness in scenarios of abuse. A phone call between an awkward 1949 teenage couple leads to a date at the carnival. As the date progresses the video gets considerably more fuzzy and psychedelic, scenes play out backwards and sped up. Themes of consent and self-doubt echo through the chorus lyrics “It’s defeating repeating myself.” At the end of the date the iconic kiss goodnight scene goes horribly wrong and a question is left lingering, “How do you say goodnight?”

Peach Pyramid:

Peach Pyramid- Repeating Myself