News: Paul Michael Worth (1969 – 2017)


Paul Michael Worth (February 8, 1969 – April 1, 2017) – Former Victoria Songwriter/Guitarist and Director Paul Michael Worth has died. Worth died in his sleep on Saturday April 1, 2017. He was 48. He had recently been accepted to the IATSE Union in Vancouver and had been working on the final tracks of his solo album and was recently recording at Victoria’s Electric City Sound with Jesse Roper.

Born in Toronto and raised in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Michael Worth moved to Victoria over 15 years ago. During his time in Victoria he directed music videos for Tal Bachman, Machina, Mindil Beach Markets as well as his own band (and July 2010 Zone Band of The Month) Cole Grifter. Cole Grifter’s music video for their single ‘Habit’ ended up being featured on Much Music’s ‘Much Loud’ program.

In 2013 Worth directed a television comedy pilot, Bass Line. He also gave Tal Bachman the idea for Bachman’s British rock star alter-ego, Ian Starglow.

His album ‘The Event Horizon’ was a project he had been working on for the last three years. The album includes collaborations with Victoria musicians Rick May, Johnny Andrews, Tal Bachman, Moka Only, Jesse Roper, Tristan Savabe (Malahat), Dallas Budd (Velvet,Kuba Oms), Liam Styles Chang (The Bright Side), Kale Penny (Sunday Buckets), Adam Sutherland (LABS), and Alex Campbell, plus collaborations with Mark Makoway of Moist and Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason.

An Indiegogo Generosity campaign has been started to help pay for travel costs for his son to attend the funeral from Montreal. Any additional funds raised will go towards the completion of Worth’s album.

A celebration of his life will be heled at the Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre (1-2033 Belmont Ave.) Saturday May 6, 2017. Details can be found

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Cole Grifter- Habit

Habit – Cole Grifter (as seen on Much Loud) from Michael Worth on Vimeo.

Michael Worth- Lie to You

Lie To You (Official) from Michael Worth on Vimeo.