Live Nation presented Matthew Good with Craig Stickland live at Alix Goolden Hall Saturday February 11, 2017. Magmazing Music, Tyson Elder Rocktography, Kirsten James Creative and Rob Porter of RMS Media were there and took photos.

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Matthew Good:

Craig Stickland:

Opening the evening was Toronto’s Craig Stickland performing a solo set with an acoustic guitar and loop station.

Between sets, The [email protected]‘s Kirsten James MC’d the show hyping the sold out crowd for Matthew Good’s performance of the ‘Beautiful Midnight’ album in full.

The Zone and Rocktographers’ Kirsten James showing the audience a Matthew Good Patch that says “I head Matt Good’s STILL a reall asshole.”

Matthew Good then took the stage after opera music played before the lights house lights turned off and a recording of Matthew Good speaking to a woman (possibly a shrink?) followed by the familiar album opening of “K-I-C-K-A-S-S… That’s the we spell success…” from ‘Giant’ put the show into high gear. Good was in a good mood, joking with the audience and his bandmates in moments between songs. Following the performance of ‘Beautiful Midnight’ there was a four song encore that included a brand new song that they “recorded three weeks ago” that might be called ‘Decades’ from what was written on the set list.

Set List:
01. Giant
02. Hello Time Bomb
03. Strange Days
04. I Miss New Wave
05. Load Me Up
06. Failing The Rorschach Test
07. Suburbia
08. Let’s Get It On
09. Jenni’s Song
10. Going All The Way
11. A Boy and His Machine Gun
12. The Future is X-Rated
13. Born to Kill
14. Running For Home
15. Born Losers
16. Decades
17. Apparitions
18. Weapon